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Since it is highly protein bound in the bloodstream, a horse with low protein may develop side effects more quickly or react to a lower dose.Side effects include prolapse of the penis, which is more of a problem in stallions, and low hematocrit, a measure of red cell percentage in the blood.The list of tranquilisers, sedatives and supplements intended to calm a horse can be extensive, including some which can be purchased online or at tack shops.For example, Acepromazine, known as “Ace,” is commonly used as a tranquilizer to keep a horse calm and relaxed by depressing the central nervous system.Found in the medicine kits of many horse owners, bute can be prescribed for a plethora of ailments, including sole bruising, hoof abscesses, tendon strains, sprained ligaments and arthritic joints. “When used appropriately, they are very safe; however, some horse owners tend to give too much of a good thing.” Bute tends to be both economical and convenient, available in either injectable and oral formulations; but is most likely to cause problems if given too long or in improperly high doses, especially if horses are more sensitive to NSAID toxicity.“If you look at the chronic use of bute, there are certainly known ramifications from it,” Moore says.Chronic or repeated dehydration is also a risk factor for renal impairment.Chronic exposure to bute is more likely to cause signs attributable to the gastrointestinal tract.” Clinical signs of toxicity include diarrhea, colic, ulceration of the gastrointestinal tract (seen as low protein and/or anemia on blood work or as ulcers on an endoscopic examination), poor hair coat, and weight loss.

A fecal exam is far safer than administering deworming medications that they don’t need.But a lot of people want to use compounded drugs because they’re cheaper. Moore explains that without careful attention to the appropriate dosage and administration, such as shaking the bottle properly so that no residue will settle in the bottom (or the last few doses will be extremely concentrated), health issues can occur.Compounded medications have provided a lot of benefit to horse health by providing access to products or product forms that would be difficult to obtain otherwise, but because of the concerns regarding quality control, horse owners should fully understand the potential risks of using a compounded product and discuss these concerns with their veterinarian.Moore says it can be difficult to control the dose when given orally.“The difficulty with chronic administration is you don’t know how much you’re dosing your horse or how the horse is metabolizing it.

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